Illuminati DAO
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Staking and Locking

Users can choose between two $MNTI Stake options:
  • Lock Staking for 2 weeks (Earns $WBNB + $MNTI)
  • Flexible Staking (Only Earns ($MNTI)
Once user has locked their $MNTI funds, they can still withdraw them earlier than 2weeks but they'll be charged with a penalty fee.
Platform fees are charged as follows:
Mint fee (0.5%) and Redeem fee (1%)
Penalty fees are provided:
There is a 50% penalty fee for early withdrawal of rewards for breeding pairs such as MNTI/WBNB and WBNBX/WBNB LP.

Locked Staking

  • Platform fees
  • Penalty fees
  • 4-week lock period
Locked staked $MNTI tokens will continue to earn fees after the lock time expires (if they are not withdrawn).

Flexible Staking

  • Platform fees


All vesting, locked staking and fee distribution activities will run on an epoch schedule. Illuminati's epoch period is 7 days.

Fee Rewards Distribution

All fee rewards will be evenly distributed within an epoch period (7 days) and can always be claimed without any penalty or vesting time.
An example for penalty fee distribution: All early claimed 50% penalty fees are being distributed for a 7 days period based on when they were claimed early. So If someone claims early 2 days later those fees will also be distributed over a 7 days period.
First fee rewards distribution starts approx. 1 week after launch.
Vested, staked, locked $MNTI do share the same Platform Fee pool without different weighting.